Stichting OpenGeo (non-profit foundation) is proud to facilitate many academic institutions and commercial research facilities with Dutch transit information. Automatic Vehicle Location data are available as real-time datastreams, but also in collected in bulk, for historic analysis. While the AVL-data from NDOVloket is not suited to generate management information, it is the perfect input material for network analysis at country scale. Our dataset covers almost a year worth of information and includes virtually all bus, light-rail and metro movements.

Bulk data access

Unprocessed bulk information, or samples thereof, can be obtained freely after entering a signed agreement, providing the legal framework for further distribution and open access. For filtering, post-processing data or custom development we may ask a fee to cover our (computing) expenses.

The files are distributed as LZMA compressed CSV files. Which contain the following columns:

CREATE TABLE "sys"."kv6_import" (
        "receive"                   TIMESTAMP     NOT NULL,
        "message"                   TIMESTAMP     NOT NULL,
        "vehicle"                   TIMESTAMP     NOT NULL,
        "messagetype"               VARCHAR(10)   NOT NULL,
        "operatingday"              DATE          NOT NULL,
        "dataownercode"             VARCHAR(10)   NOT NULL,
        "lineplanningnumber"        VARCHAR(10),
        "journeynumber"             INTEGER       NOT NULL,
        "reinforcementnumber"       INTEGER       NOT NULL,
        "userstopcode"              VARCHAR(10),
        "passagesequencenumber"     INTEGER,
        "distancesincelastuserstop" INTEGER,
        "punctuality"               INTEGER,
        "rd_x"                      VARCHAR(11),
        "rd_y"                      VARCHAR(11),
        "blockcode"                 INTEGER,
        "vehiclenumber"             INTEGER,
        "wheelchairaccessible"      VARCHAR(5),
        "source"                    VARCHAR(10)   NOT NULL,
        "numberofcoaches"           INTEGER
Within our organisation we regularly check our historic data using MonetDB. This ensures that our exports remain coherent, and allows the analysis of missing data.

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If you have any inquiries concerning this information or other data products we might be able to provide, feel free to contact us at loket at opengeo dot nl. We are always happy to guide you in the right direction.